Josh Jenkins

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Josh Jenkins is a Nashville based singer/songwriter and lead singer of the band Green River Ordinance. He grew up singing in TX at local opries and joined Green River Ordinance when he was 15. Throughout his 15 year tenure as the lead singer of GRO, he has had several records top the Billboard Heatseakers Chart and many songs placed in TV/Film. Now a Nashville resident, his songs have been recorded by artists such as Walker Hayes, Jordan Davis, Muscaline Bloodline, and more. Jenkins has begun releasing solo music, including his first two singles, “Broken Record,” and “Perfect Mess.” He is currently working on an album due in the upcoming year.


Songs written by Josh Jenkins

Year Artist Album Song Writer(s)
2019 SAILR Single Not Too Late Josh Jenkins, Jordan Critz
Heartbeat Josh Jenkins, Jordan Critz
Josh Jenkins Single More Beautiful Josh Jenkins, Jordan Critz
2018 Josh Jenkins Single Broken Record Josh Jenkins, Brandon Hood, April Geesbreght
Perfect Mess Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins, Bryan Simpson
Jonathan Hutcherson Single Strangers Jonathan Hutcherson, Brandon Hood, April Geesbreght
Muscadine Bloodline Movin' On Put Me On A Pond Josh Jenkins, Muscadine Bloodline
Sister Hazel Water I Stayed For The Girl Josh Jenkins, Josh Dorr, Matt Rogers
Jordan Davis Home State Sundowners Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins, Jordan Davis
2017 Clark Manson Friday Nighters Anytime Is A Good Time Josh Jenkins, Brad Tursi, Josh Hodge, Heather Morgan
2016 Walker Hayes 8Track Vol. 1: Good Shit Bad Thing (Good Shit) Josh Jenkins, Walker Hayes, Matthew McVaney
Randy Houser Fired Up Whiskeysippi River Josh Jenkins, Matt Jenkins, Trevor Rosen
Green River Ordinance Fifteen Keep Your Cool Green River Ordinance (Josh Jenkins, Geoff Ice, Denton Hunker, Joshua Wilkerson, Jamey Ice)
Red Fire Night
Maybe It's Time (Gravity)
Simple Life
You, Me & the Sea
Always Love Her
Only God Knows
Life in the Wind
Keep My Heart Open
Green River Ordinance Single Simple Life Green River Ordinance
2015 Green River Ordinance Single Red Fire Night Green River Ordinance
2014 Uncle Kracker Single Endlessly Green River Ordinance, Michael Raine Maida
2013 Green River Ordinance Chasing Down The Wind - EP Cannery River Green River Ordinance
It Ain't Love
When My Days Are Gone
She Is In The Air
Better Love
Fool For You
A Rocket To The Moon Wild & Free Ever Enough A Rocket To The Moon
2012 Green River Ordinance Single Heart of Me Green River Ordinance
Under Fire Dark Night
New Day
Heart of Me
Resting Hour
Under Fire
Healing Touch
Love Laid Down
Heart of the Young
San Antone
Don't Be Afraid
Lost In the World
Dancing Shoes
2011 Tim Halperin Rise and Fall I Believe Josh Jenkins, Tim Halperin, Jordan Critz
Green River Ordinance Single Water Hope Green River Ordinance
2010 Green River Ordinance 2010 Winter Olympics' AT&T Team USA Soundtrack Rise Up Green River Ordinance
Freedom (International Justice Mission's Charity Album) Don't Give Up Green River Ordinance
Single On Your Own Green River Ordinance
Wait A Minute - EP Tight Rope Green River Ordinance
Whisper In Your Ear
On Your Own
Breath of Life
Here We Are
Everything You Are
Beauty Of Letting Go
Piece It Together
Goodbye L.A.
The Morning Passengers EP: Acoustic Sessions Dancing Shoes
Uncertainly Certain
Inward Tide
Out of the Storm
Where The West Wind Blows
2009 Green River Ordinance Out of My Hands Outside Green River Ordinance
Come On
Out of My Hands
On Your Own
Goodbye L.A.
Different (Anything at All) Green River Ordinance, Maida
Learning Green River Ordinance, Emerson Hart
Last October Green River Ordinance, David Hodges
Sleep It Off Green River Ordinance
Getting Older
Endlessly Green River Ordinance, Michael Raine Maida
Single Come On Green River Ordinance
2007 Green River Ordinance Way Back Home - EP Here We Are Green River Ordinance
Sleep It Off
Come On
Beauty of Letting Go
2005 Green River Ordinance The Beauty of Letting Go Breath of Life Green River Ordinance
Piece It Together
Waiting for a Sign
Everything You Are
Secrets and Lies
Pick Me Up
Speak Through Me
Catch Me on Your Way Back Down