SMACKSongs is a Nashville-based music publishing company founded in 2012. We are proudly home to some of the industry’s top songwriters, producers and artists.


Our fast-growing, wide-ranging impact is possible through our partners and hit songwriters Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Green River Ordinance’s Josh Jenkins, Old Dominion’s Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen, Matthew McGinn, Ryan Beaver, Aaron Eshuis, and Emily Falvey; as well as the music of singer/songwriters Walker Hayes, Kylie Morgan, Renee Blair.

With multiple No. 1 positions on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs and numerous ACM, CMA and Grammy nominations, we hope to continue growing our team and expanding our network of songwriters.

SMACK’s founders and owners took a big chance when starting out. This bold, open mindset and attitude towards the business is what we try to reinforce with everyone we work with.

As we continue to grow our presence and contribute meaningful work to the music business; exploring new, creative ways to exploit music, mentoring younger writers and entering areas of the business in innovative, never-done-before ways are just a few of the objectives we have here at SMACK.

 Photo by Weiss Eubanks

Photo by Weiss Eubanks

I feel like we are cultivating a world of creativity and giving people a place. Before this, everything nice always felt like it would go away. This doesn’t.
— Shane McAnally, SMACK founder and CEO